Fire Rated Metal Doors

Fire Rated Metal Doors are ideal for any opening that needs to be a fire barrier.  They’re common in schools, hospitals and municipal buildings as a means of passing through a fire-rated wall.  They’re mandatory in most commercial stairwells and are now commonly used in residences between the garage and home. 

Under Underwriter Laboratories (UL) guidelines, A-label fire rated doors are a fire barrier for 3 hours or more. B-label fire rated doors are rated for one hour and half, and C-label doors are fire-rated for three-quarters of an hour.

Mesker Door offers a full array of fire-rated hollow metal doors, including 3 hour, 1 1/2 hour (or 90 minute), 3/4 hour (or 45 minute), or 20 minute. Our Mesker steel door masonry frames are 3-hour rated and can also come with a transom panel. Our drywall frame is UL and FM embossed for 90 minutes, and our metal remodeling frame, also known as a replacement door frame, also has 90-minute rating.

For safety reasons, fire-rated hollow metal doors must be self-closing and self-latching. Mesker's standard steel door comes with a door closer reinforcement, and you can request a door reinforcement for our standard steel frame as well. Every Mesker steel door and frame are manufactured in accordance with each of the following standards and tests.

UL 10c – standard for positive pressure fire test of door assemblies
UBC 7-2 (1997) Part 1 and 2 -- fire test of door assemblies
UL 10B -- test of door and frame assemblies
NFPA 252 – standard for fire tests of door assemblies

Fire rated steel doors can be painted, but the fire labels should not be removed or painted over. Mesker Door offers factory prefinished doors and prefinished frames in a broad variety of Sherwin Williams colors. You’ll find more about our many choices at and

You may also order your Mesker fire rated steel doors prepped for your hardware specifications, including standard preps for cylindrical locks -- government 161, mortise- government 86 prep for mortise locks or mortise blank--and for custom preps, such as hotel locks, touch button locks and electrified hardware.

Our innovative Mesker doors and frames are made in USA, and we offer you the option of honeycomb, fiberboard, urethane or our standard polystyrene door core. And our variety doesn’t stop there because we offer doors and frames in 16-gauge, 18- gauge and 20-gauge steel. Our 18-gauge single steel doors are available up to 4 feet wide by 8 feet tall. Our 20-gauge steel doors are available up to 3'-6" by 7'-2". Pairs of doors are available up to 8 feet by 8 feet.

Put our Mesker doors and frames to the test for quality, innovation and fire protection. Our fire-rated products are each in compliance with UL procedures. Our UL underwriters Laboratories certificate of compliance is listed on the Mesker Door website,

Don’t compromise on fire protection. Turn to Mesker Door.

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